The Club France

  • What is Club France

    Since Seoul 1988, the French National Olympic Committee (CNOSF) has set up a Club France for each of the Olympic Games.

  • A Guided Tour of Club France

    Club France is a place where all those connected with the French Olympic Team and the team's fans come together.

  • The Club France experience

    Club France looks forward to welcoming all French Olympic Team fans and France aficionados to relish in the Club France experience, and have a taste of the many live events offered throughout the day.

  • A day at Club France

    A day at Club France can't be described in words -- you've got to experience it !

  • Solidarity project

    In the same spirit as the IOC and Olympic Games overall, the French NOC wishes to contribute, through its Club France, to the legacy which an event of this magnitude can leave to Brazil, and more specifically, to Rio and its population.


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